The holey heart of it all.

Most of you probably know me already, and of course it's expected. I'm George Weasley, and you're probably wondering why I'm participating in this bloody Eighth Year option at Hogwarts.

Personally, I don't even know anymore.
I don't know much of anything anymore.

Send me an owl if you'd like. Can't promise I'll answer it.

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This is an RP blog.
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-puts on wig and waves creepily- Hiiii, Leeeeeee.  


No, seriously, I’m concerned. She’s been pestering me for days and on the actual night she disappears? *smirks at George* Yeah, it is bad…Toss something on and if it’s too odd…*looks at desk* I’ll throw McGonagall’s stationary at you…

I think she just might have an ounce of sanity, and is letting you have one night of peace? -keeps a straight face, but eventually makes eye contact with Lee and bursts into snorting and chuckling- Who am I kidding, she’s a nutter. She’s probably been trying to sneak up here and got stuck in the rafters! -clutches his stomach- Oh, God. Okay. Ahh. Gosh. Uh. I don’t really have much of anything… presentable. Dress robes, I mean. I have some kind of decent button ups and vests but that’s kind of it. Ugh, this is gonna be a disaster.